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Environmental &

Occupational Health and Safety Systems

Environmental Management System (EMS)

If you a business that has an environmental risk, having and effectively operating an EMS is critical. BES can provide the following specialist services to correctly manage your EMS:

  • develop an EMS for your site to ISO 14001 standard;

  • compliance gap analysis to highlight areas within your existing system that require attention;

  • EMS upgrades - writing of sections, procedures, registers, forms;

  • Training for managment, employees and contractors.

Occupational Health and Safety System 

Operating an effective OHS system is essential to the ongoing success of your business and the health and wellbeing of your employees. Failure to having and maintaining an efficient system can cripple your business. BES has extensive experience in:

  • implementing customised OHS systems to Australian Standard ISO4801;

  • system gap analysis and upgrades;

  • providing monitoring for:

    • dust / hygiene​;

    • confined spaces;

    • air testing;

  • Material Safety Data Sheets.

To speak to one of our experienced project managers please call  0418 438 569  or click on the button below.

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