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Groundwater Well Installation & Monitoring

Groundwater Well Installation

Installation of groundwater wells for your envronmental monitoring project is a critical step in your companies monitoring program. If the technical and physical requirements of the well are not reached then this capital intensive activity can be wasted and require reinstallation. 

BES's extensive 30 years experience in the installation of groundwater wells ensures that you achieve your monitoring goals. 


We specialise in the installation of groundwater wells for the following:

  • specific designs needed for monitoring of a particular geological strata hydrology;

  • difficult to access or environmentally sensitive areas,

  • surface to seam wells for coal mining;

  • within swamps; 

  • monitor site contamination;

  • treatment / remediation of contaminated groundwater;

  • water table monitoring.  

To speak to one of our experience consultants call 0418 438 569  or click on the link below. 

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