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Peabody Metropolitan Mine 

BES currently undertakes the compliance monitoring and inspection program for the Helensburgh coal mine.

This work includes:

  • surface water quality and physical measurement;

  • shallow and deep ground water quality monitoring;

  • swamp and cliff overhang inspections

  • groundwater well installation, development, sampling, analysis and reporting

PHASE 1 & 2 Assessment

BES has specialist experience in phase 1 and 2 contamination assessment for site development planning.

Underground Storage Tank management 

Successfully managing your underground storage tanks is critical to minimising the contamination risk that these pose to your business. BES can also manage the removal of underground storage tanks and the subsequent clearance programs that are required to comply the regulatory standard in this area. 

Deep Groundwater Sampling

BES has one of the few deep groundwater sampling rigs in Australia. This equipment allows the sampling of wells up to and deeper than 300m+. Our experienced team can manage your monitoring, sampling, analysis and reporting requirements to help you progress your business. 

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